It's me, Kodi.

After spending 13 years in an industry for one of my first passions: costuming, I found myself in that wonderful stage we all inevitably find ourselves in at some point - you know the one... the "wtf do I do now?" stage. 

It was time for a change.

I left the costume industry, where I was lucky enough to travel for the next 14 months working in event photography around the world; Bali, Thailand, Iceland ... to name a few. 

Each destination cementing a place in my heart as I rediscovered myself, found my style, met people and cultures that have changed me forever, and reconnected with my love of photography. 

Settling down from a bit of a nomadic lifestyle, I’m currently focusing on my photography and prints, content creation for small businesses, and connecting with other creatives. No matter the industry, city or country I’m in, you can always find me laughing.

Join me while I tell my stories through colors, textures and travels.

xo, Kodi

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